Primary Genres Edit

  • Merseybeat (Please Please Me, With the Beatles)
  • Rock and Roll (All albums)
  • Rock (All albums)
  • Pop (All albums)
  • Pop Rock (All albums)
  • Country (Beatles for Sale)
  • Folk rock (Help!, Rubber Soul)
  • Psychedelic Rock (Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's, Yellow Submarine)
  • Psychedelia (revolver, Sgt. Pepper's, Yellow Submarine)
  • Art Rock (Sgt. Pepper's)
  • Baroque Pop (Sgt. Pepper's)
  • Orchestral (Yellow Submarine)
  • Blues (All albums)
  • R&B (Let It Be)

Secondary Genres Edit

  • Power Pop (All albums)
  • Jangle Pop (All albums)
  • Hard Rock (Paperback Writer, Back in the USSR, Sgt. Pepper's)
  • Children's Music (Yellow Submarine)
  • Folk (all albums)
  • Art pop (All albums)
  • Progressive pop (All albums)
  • Psychedelic pop (All albums)
  • Acid Rock (All albums)
  • Blues Rock (Come Together)
  • Gospel (Let It Be)
  • Chamber Pop (Yesterday)